Yacht Pilotage

State of Alaska Requirements

Before you request a pilot, please contact the State of Alaska Marine Pilot Coordinator in Juneau at 907-465-2548 to request a pilotage exemption or for more information regarding cruising in SE Alaska.

Important Information for Yachts and Agents


  • North Pacific Maritime and Yacht Services of Alaska offer the following services for vessels visiting Alaska. Their professional and courteous staff are licensed and bonded. Contact them to arrange all pilotage services via email at operations@norpac1.com or call 907-225-6157.
    • Pilot Boats
    • Customs & Immigration Clearance
    • Licensing & Permitting
    • Provisioning & Catering
    • Fuel Services
    • Pilot Liaison & Arrangements
    • Itinerary Planning Tours & Excursion Planning
    • Berth & Dock Reservations
    • Emergency Assistance
    • Equipment Storage/Warehousing