Southeast Alaska Pilots’ Association

Serving Alaska Since 1974

The Southeast Alaska Pilots’ Association (SEAPA) is a group of professional mariners that provide safe and efficient pilotage service within Southeast Alaskan waters, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Our marine pilots are licensed by the State of Alaska to carry out its shared mission to provide efficient and competent pilotage service for the protection of shipping, the safety of human life and property, and the protection of the marine environment. Marine pilots have the additional responsibility to report all violations of state and federal pilotage laws.

SEAPA is also accountable to provide a reliable system of pilotage in Region 1 consisting of the waters from Dixon Entrance at the southern border of Alaska to Cape Spencer and all waters inland of its headlands, including the waters of Yakutat Bay and Yakutat. This accountability includes providing efficient dispatch of pilots to vessels and implementing a comprehensive training program that maintains a sufficient pool of state licensed marine pilots to meet the demands of shipping.